a life of missing notes

“We Poets in our youth begin in gladness;
But thereof in the end come despondency and madness.”

-William Wordsworth

When I was in 4th grade, this kid Greg was going to go sign up to learn the trumpet.  For whatever reason I said, hey, alright, I’ll do that.  So we both went down to the music room at Belle Sherman Elementary and got permission slips for our parents to sign — something about the financial liability of loaning a trumpet to a ten-year-old.  I went home that night, threw my backpack on the floor and I guess went and played video games or read a book or something.  Whatever it was, for whatever reason, that permission slip just never made it to my parents.  Greg’s did.  So now Greg can play the trumpet.  In my later, wiser years, that shit has always killed me. Continue reading “a life of missing notes”

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