Bindle (n.) – a bundle, usually of bedding and other possessions, carried by a hobo.

It’s time.

I’ve been wandering this world for nearly a decade now — four continents, no career, no money, and a growing bindle of beautiful things.  So I’m putting together something, a collection of somethings; some will be mine, the rest will be what I love.  I expect it will largely be music and writing.  Stick around, spend some time with me, roll your eyes at my self-indulgence.  Anything could happen.  This life is wild and full of wonder; I hope to reflect that, here, with you.




to be read and remembered

as rain floods the earth

of babies and bath water

A Kind of Bravery


My Old Silver Bullet


Picture is “Bindle” by James Jean.

All original work copyright Joshua Clark Orkin, 2015

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  1. I stumbled upon this site from your Beastly upload on YouTube, and just wanted to tell you that this is a beautiful blog, thank you for all the amazing posts! 🙂

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  2. i also stumbled upon your site 🙂 when i was googling for a picture of winnie the pooh with his hankerchief tied to a stick 😛 and yes the stuff here is really amazing… not even sure i exactly understand all of it but it’s beautiful stuff and brings about a lot of different emotions from me 🙂 hopefully you are doing okay in life and will continue to make stuff here 🙂

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  3. I really appreciate what you’ve done here. You write well. I discovered your website through your Vulpeck upload on YouTube. I had taken a break from preparing for an interview I have tomorrow afternoon and low and behold, you popped up in my feed… The universe works its ways in strange ways at times. I consider myself blessed. I’m serious… I bookmarked your site and plan on going over more of your stuff this week. PeaCe2U my friend. I’m developing a website now. Once it’s up I’ll update my info.

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