Listen, Please Listen — It’s In There With You

Oh little one, locked away
with such lovely distractions,
in the bone box you built
by yourself. You’re not safe
in there anymore, can’t you
understand that? You can’t
hide from the world inside
your own head, it doesn’t work
like that. There’s still time, love,
and light, love — Come outside
yourself, please.  It’s not safe.

“The devil said, ‘I’m a dream, and you’re alone…'”

the fields are breathing (tobbaco’s wispy version)

Black Moth Super Rainbow.  It’s either the very best or the very worst band name that ever was–it’s been seven years now and I’m still not sure.  In the end I always forget to care.  Tobbaco’s weird little band and its oddly melodic songs are so beautiful he gets a pass.  Call it whatever you want.  Or just skip words altogether.  More and more I’m finding that’s the way.

“La la la la la…”

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