building steam with a grain of salt

Been listening to a ton of Lemon Jelly lately ( is a drug), and their funky simple sample grooves got me thinking back to the guy who got it all going in the first place: DJ Shadow.  Arriving in ’96, well, well, well ahead of its time, Endtroducing….. was one of the first successful albums composed entirely of samples.  No “new” music was involved in the making of this patchwork wonder-quilt.  All the little snippets were wound down, sped up, spliced, chopped, re-worked, and re-assembled to produce something greater than the sum of its parts.  In an F. Scott Fitzgerald type twist, it was basically his Gatsby– The beginning and end of him as an artist.  He would never escape the shadow of his own accomplishment.

B-Side: Organ Donor

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