johnny and mary (feat. bryan ferry)

In this slow cover of an up-tempo ’80s song (a bit like “Mad World,” of Donnie Darko fame) Todd Terje takes over where Bryan Palmer thought he had finished.  Covering an ’80s song with ’80s prom-music synths just tickles me all over, and digging Bryan Ferry up out of his ignominious retirement to sing it was a stroke of genius.  The original’s lyrical excellence, the loss and regret in Ferry’s voice, the booming bass and retro synths — this song gets a lot of things exactly right.  Your mileage may vary, but I find the whole thing strikes way too close to the heart.  I find it really emotional.

“Johnny’s always running around
trying to find certainty

he needs all the world to confirm
that he ain’t lonely…

Mary counts the walls
knows he tires easily…”

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