sometimes i get so tired of staying home

so i went and stood out
there under a streetlight
by the graveyard wearing
my blue shirt and khakis
as i said i would

he pulled up and idled
i got in and we drove
aimlessly for a while
talking to be honest
i was having a hard time
making eye contact

eventually he parked
in collegetown and said,
“alright, now i’m going
to walk you just walk
behind me.”

and so we walked
like that weirdly
far apart and silent

it was collegetown at night
so we passed a lot of people
and he stopped a few times
and just stood there all crazy
waiting for them to pass

then again at his house
he froze all fucking crazy
as a housemate appeared
at the front door he ran
instead around back
motioning me to follow
to a door to the basement

and it was a fine offer
but i dunno it just
didn’t feel right

so i said, “psst, hey!
psst, hey! i’m going
to keep walking.”

and i kept walking
past his house
down the hill
and home

all in all somehow
it was a pretty good night.

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