can’t find my way home

“…and that’s what Arturo Belano was like: a stupid, conceited peacock.  And visceral realism was his exhausting dance of love for me.  The thing was, I didn’t love him anymore.  You can woo a girl with a poem, but you can’t hold on to her with a poem.  Not even with a poetry movement.”

-Laura Jáuregui, The Savage Detectives

“…and the man goes walking, I go walking, through the forest and I run into five hundred thousand Galicians who are walking and crying.  And then I stop (a kindly giant, an interested giant for the last time) and I ask them why they’re crying.  And one of the Galicians stops and says: because we’re all alone and we’re lost.”

-Xosé Lendoiro, The Savage Detectives

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