I don’t truck with the word faggot, let’s get right to that.  It perpetuates actual harm to actual people in the real world, it’s lazy writing, and it’s just slack-jawed stupid, especially for an also-persecuted minority.  Using it for shock value to promote yourself is incredibly selfish — Grow the fuck up.  If you’re really an independent thinker, independent think your way out of that box.

So that’s the rub, the hesitation: he’s basically a kid, talking about kid shit, being obscene for effect, same as the vast majority of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (yes, seriously) music.  I quit being interested in the attention-seeking vanity of teenagers when I stopped being one.

But still, here we are.  All of that being said, this video is worth your time.  The beat is stark, his flow is smooth, the intention behind the frustration is expression, and the direction?  Top-shelf, unadulterated, ART.  God damn, that camera.  That aesthetic.  It’s so deathly  perfect it’s pretty.

The other great thing about Odd Future, besides this one video, is the saga of Earl Sweatshirt.  But that’s a tale for another day.

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