luv(sic) pt. 3

When Seba Jun’s body was pulled from the mutilated wreckage of his car, the instrumental demo for part six of his “luv(sic)” series was found in his pocket, surviving on his somehow still-intact phone.  I enjoy that story, and that clever emoticon-age song title, very much.  And though I didn’t like him at first, Shing02’s flow has really grown on me over the years.  He’s an acceptable rapper, has something to contribute that isn’t murder-cash-bitches, and does an acceptable job on this track.  The real shine though, that same hypnotic, melancholic lushness that permeated the Samurai Champloo OST, has nothing to do with the words.

The real star of this show went out one night on a Tokyo highway.

Nujabes’ beats were magic.

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