notes at a wine tasting

when she tipped back and sipped
the red wine she looked down
at the ripples in the glass fanning
back as it flowed in and down
through her throat all the warmth
spreading up into the space
behind her eyes where her brain
peeked up arcing and beyond
the sun bursting and beyond
the stars and beyond them the rim
of the darkness stretching huge
fanning rippled forever then down
down into burgundy wine down into
her stomach into molecules beyond
them the darkness stretching tiny
forever towards an infinite point
from her middle where she sat
herself like a liquid now flowing
in a flesh colored glass she closed
her eyes she closed her eyes she
closed her eyes and she drained
her glass let it linger in drops there
suspended in a time before time
started once more with a knocking
on the door of the stall come to find
her in there alone all disheveled.

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