Give Me Everything

I was tired of everything and I think she was too.  We were sitting on a park bench drinking, sometime in the late afternoon.  My old nemesis the sun was still too bright but fading.  She handed me the little pint bottle and I finished it.

“It’s too bad you’re such a selfish bastard,” she said as she leaned back.  Her heart wasn’t in it though.  I looked down at the empty bottle then back at her and shrugged.

“Sorry, I wasn’t thinking.  You’re very beautiful, you know that?” Her head was back against the bench and her eyes were closed.  She barely moved.  Just slow breaths.

“Shut up with that.”

I left her there and went to the shop.  When I got back she was asleep on the grass.  I lay down next to her, opened the bottle and lit a cigarette.  One arm behind my head, feet crossed on the grass, I listened to her breathing.  The sun was setting and the sky was changing colors.  Not too bad, I thought.  Not too bad at all.

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