A single hanging bulb illuminates the center of the room, where a man stands in the small circle of light.  Eyes wide and breathing shallow, he studies the darkness beyond his vision.  Spinning slowly, warily, he searches for movement in the shadows.  The camera begins a slow pan out.  It looks down on the vacant adjoining rooms.  Then the whole deserted asylum.  Then the un-worked fields surrounding it.  Picking up speed it looks down on a deserted city.  Still gaining speed it takes in an entire empty continent.  Now it has reached the edge of the atmosphere and stares down at a dark planet.  Growing exponentially faster it reaches the edge of a lightless solar system.  As it reaches the limit of an empty galaxy, the man looks upwards after the tiny receding dot of light.  When it reaches the end of existence, there is a moment of stillness.  Then the hanging bulb winks out.

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