what i’ve got and i’ll keep

how can it be that i sit still
in these trances adjusting
this bit and that trimming
changing reverting tweaking
everything again and again
until one last keystroke
one last pencil eraser mark
and a period and i think
it’s done and it is, it is!

and yet then there is nothing
beyond that feeling that
little moment at the end
and so what do it better
or stop caring but i can’t
it’s what i’ve got and i’ll keep
doing it here by myself
because i have nothing else
and sometimes it’s very pretty.

2 thoughts on “what i’ve got and i’ll keep

Add yours

  1. This is fantastic,
    A treat. I almost can’t speak.

    Could I say I’ve been following,
    And it’s mostly (generally) been that way.

    I wish I had the words…
    They’re here somewhere,
    The words that would show
    How much your words know me.

    Perhaps as much as a ray of

    I nominate you for a sunshine award!


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