buckingham green

So I was meeting my friend Patrick at Revolver (formerly The Source, failed gay bar and best decrepit, empty, four-story watering hole in Taipei) for some drinks.  Things had changed, and when I got there he shouted over the din of popped-collared, rugby-bro yelling that there was some Queen cover band upstairs.  Meh, I thought.  We sat drinking for a while, until I caught a few strands of guitar through the floor.  “Man,” I yelled to him, “that’s balls trying to pull off Freddie Mercury.”

“No, not Queen,” he shouted back, “Ween.


I raced upstairs, just in time for Buckingham Green:

Man, the incongruity of a Ween cover band anywhere, much less Taipei, tickles me so much. They are a pair of weirdos, Gene and Dean Ween, sometimes silly, sometimes serious, sometimes both.  They drank, did drugs, and wrote and performed prolifically together for almost 30 years — their oeuvre is immense.  I recommend starting with The Mollusk.

B-Side: Birthday Boy

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