dream a sweet dream

living is a dream state dying
is waking in one awesome gasp
to that old endless place
of nothing and nothingness
forever but fuck it forget that
just remember that once
you knew it keep it hidden keep it
secret somewhere safe let it live
somewhere in you as the truth
we believe is the foundation
we tie ourselves to as we toss
in the stormclouds the line
that stretches back way back
all the way back to the truth
we believe in the bedrock
and up there freedom is slack
in the line and trouble is when
it goes taut but know that it snaps
if you’re not careful with the truth
we believe the foundation let it live
inside you for without it we’re lost
to reality lost in the end to the storm
to ourselves to what matters but hush
now forget it forget it i’m sorry go back
to sleep go to sleep go to sleep
and dream a sweet dream.

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