In the halcyon days of Napster and Limewire, a song labeled ‘Ween – Zoloft’ started getting passed around.  This in itself isn’t odd, but what is odd is that there was a song called ‘Zoloft’ on Ween’s album Quebec, and it was not this song.  For years and years that’s all we had to go on: Not Ween.  It was a mystery.

Recently a band called The Vintage Chimps in the UK started claiming the song, saying they labeled it Ween to grab publicity (the header above is the only shot I could find of them).  Unfortunately, it worked so well that Ween got all the publicity.  The real title is either ‘Western Skies’ or ‘Kim,’ depending on who you ask.  Frankly, I like ‘Zoloft.’

Regardless of its actual origin, it’s a great song, and its popularity is a testament to the fact that however much we may love a good story, the art is more important than the artist.  I listened to it looking down over the Pacific ocean, utterly alone, on my very first flight to Taiwan.  I was scared, and it soothed me.  In the end, that’s all that matters.  May it soothe you too.

“Kim… take us to your western skies…”

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  1. Hi,

    I’ve just come across this lovely piece, and felt it deserved a response.

    I am so pleased / amazed / baffled that a song I had a hand in writing was able to help you get through a difficult time. I read about ‘Kim the great internet mystery’ every now and again and it does make me laugh. What if we’d used our powers for actual self promotion rather than going through the back door marked ‘Ween’? Then I suppose I wouldn’t have got to read your story. Which, in itself, is a weird thought.

    Anyway, just to say thanks for sharing, and keep writing

    Chris (A Vintage Chimp in the UK)

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    1. Hey Chris,

      Thanks for this earnest, thoughtful reply. It really made me smile. People do a lot of shouting, singing, whispering in the sunless caves of this world, and I’ve come to accept that, for me, whether or not that sound echos can’t matter — the content of the whisper is all I can control. And yet here you are, echoing back in person, and it’s giving me a bright, warm feeling. I’m now sitting here chuckling while I write this, grinning like an idiot at the plain pleasure of being heard. It came full circle. What a wonderful little thing.


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