solitary refinement

I went to Kripalu to find refinement in solitude: To train to teach yoga, and to deepen my personal practice.  Instead I spent the entire time blissed out in one long love-hug after another, sober as sin for 26 days, smiling like an idiot child.  So much love, so much acceptance, so much kindness.  Being home, in the vacuum of all that love, is very disorienting.  As the hand heads for wine, as the thoughts stray to dark, real refinement begins.

In solitude, in absence, in the haunts of old habits,

with a stick of gum, and a cup of tea,

it begins.

–August 21, 2015

Still sober.

Still stumbling along.

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  1. Love that….solitary refinement! Could be an album or an ep. Looking forward to hearing all about it. Where do we go next?….


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