black sands

Something about this song reminds me of Yann Tierson and the music from Amelie, which then makes me nostalgic and sad for something I had once and lost.  Then eventually I warm to the fullness of that feeling, and I’m glad.  I’m glad to have had and to have lost and to have fallen and to be here to savor it all, glad just to be moved.  You and I are the sensitive fingertips of a blind universe exploring its own face, this is why we exist: to taste and touch and sense and smell, to fear and fuck and love and loathe, to sigh and long and laugh and feel.  Smell whatever is on the air, lick your lovely fingers, listen to life around you, touch the texture of your desk, your dog, yourself.  Feel happy or sad or tired or bad, whatever.  You’re here and alive and it’s happening, this wild ride, this human thing, and you’re doing it just right.  “Keep up the good work,” the universe is saying to itself.

“Keep feeling,” it says.

Feel everything.

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