b-side: balance // vireo’s eye

Samuel Herring is my very favorite live performer.  The man is an unabashed entertainer, but not as you might imagine entertainment; he’s a gut-wrenching, heartbroken, operatic performer looking to include his audience in his desperate attempts to heal.  The man cares, a lot, and he isn’t afraid of looking stupid, or sounding stupid, or putting himself out there in his songs.  He just sings and dances and does his operatic thing, while his tight-as-fuck backing band of keys and kit and bass drop amazing synth lines behind him.  That is how you feed your broken heart to living art: throw yourself off the cliff with no fear, no safety net, and soar.


“And I can sit and talk
Because I was just like you
So arrogant and brave
Impetuous and blue

But trust me as a friend
And I’ll do all that I can do
And I’d do anything for you
Because I want to see you through”

Vireo’s Eye

“Our love was not lost in style
You were strong, I was a child

We… we’re not kings here
We’re not kings here
We’re just strangers”

A-Side: Fall From Grace

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