a capital letter and a period

when you first summed up
all your past relationships
in single sentences
i cocked an eyebrow
that better never be me
i said don’t you dare
do that to me i am more
complex i said we are more
complicated than a single
sentence and a period
but of course you did
and of course i am
and i know it’s because
of the great bad thing
in your long ago i know
it’s survival summing up
to box away and put behind
the only way you can face
the present by boxing away
the past neatly in a sentence
a capital letter and a period
then putting it behind you
and i cocked an eyebrow
and i said that better never
be me but of course you have
a new guy and i’m boxed
away to forget and i wonder
if he cocks a brow at that
and i wonder what it was
you told people i wonder
what my sentence was
and i wonder if it’s different
when i slip off my period
escape my box in your bed
late at night when i wonder
if you know it’s a fiction.

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