Act I:  Surf Solar / Life (Prologue, Title Frame, Opening Credits)

0:00 Open on a barren, lifeless solar system.  A massive sun surrounded by rocky planets and great swirls of undifferentiated colored gas.  Beyond, the night sky is filled with countless winking stars.

1:38 Camera stops its aimless wandering around the solar system to focus on one of the stars, pulsing strangely.  As we watch it grows larger.

1:55 A great ball of white light booms into the solar system.  As it passes the camera we see a phoenix at its center.  It speeds by and around the sun.  The camera begins to follow as it dances through the empty solar system, ducking and weaving side to side, moving horizontally as it whizzes past the static objects.  Follow it as it dances, sometimes from close enough to see each individual feather in the wings, sometimes at a distance as only a ball of white light.  As it flies through the gas, it takes on sparkles of color and a great tail of colored dust follows it.  In its wake, gas planets begin to take shape.

5:20 The phoenix skims along the rings of one of these newly formed gas planets.  It ducks down and in among the rocks as the camera closes, showing the dirt that composes the rings.  The phoenix dances nimbly among the rocks, then back up and free into space again, skimming along the top.  The camera backs away as the rocks blur together once more into a colored ring.  One wing dips to trail in the ring, causing a long spray of colored dust.

6:18 The phoenix heads for the sun.  Racing above a seething, churning ocean of flame.  Bubbles rise to the surface and explode upwards, shooting molten lava past the wings of the phoenix.  It ducks and weaves between the spurting blasts.  Flying low it skims just above the writhing surface, gaining heat and becoming brighter, emitting more and more burning light.

8:35 The pulsing white phoenix leaves the sun’s orbit and begins a long last loop around the newly birthed solar system, then begins a descent towards the surface of one of the rocky planets.  Camera stays in orbit as the phoenix fades to a tiny speck, then nothing.  For a moment everything is still.  Then a burst of white light on the surface.  The camera zooms in slowly to see green spreading out over the planet.  Oceans form, puffy white clouds coalesce overhead, and we fade out on a glistening, pristine planet.

Act II: Rough Steez / Death

0:00 Darkness.

0:47 Open on pistons, pumping in perfect unison.  Oiled and glistening, they pound precisely to the beat.  Linger along the gears and pounding rods.

1:48 Pan down to a conveyer belt, where the pistons slam against the moving rubber.  Little green, three-fingered hands flit in and out of the scene, adjusting levers, rotating knobs.

2:10 A hand is caught, a creature is pulled up on to the belt.  Small and green, with translucent skin and filled with liquid.  Focus on the eyes, wide and staring at something behind the camera.  A piston slams and the creature is smashed.  A new hand replaces it on the line.

2:21 Pan out on all the little green, translucent workers along the line.  Begin moving down the line, picking up speed.  Follow the conveyer belt, machine and workers as they come together in one long, continuous blur.

2:30 Now something new.  Another green creature the same as the others except lit from within by a pulsing red light.  The camera slows to watch.  The creature dances among the pistons, back and forth over the conveyer belt, touching green workers.  Lithe and graceful, the red-lit dancer moves in sync with the pistons, always sliding away the instant before they slam.  With every touch a worker is immolated in flaming red light and begins to make frenzied adjustments to the machine, though the lights are fading already as the creature dances away.  Suddenly the dancer is caught, sucked in and crushed.

2:55 Pan down the impossibly long line again, this time to the end.  Overhead is a balcony where a green overseer in a black hardhat looks down on the machine and its workers.  Below him a mold presses open and closed, each time emitting another green, translucent worker.  Armed green guards in black hardhats shepherd them straight into a long unbroken march back to the machine.  A creature pops out lit by a red light.  He is ferried by guards into a tube and shot up to the balcony.  We see the overseer speaking, then the dancer turns and tips backwards a reverse swan dive over the railing.  He alights softly and begins dancing among the workers, touching them and causing temporary little bursts of red light and frenzied activity.

Suddenly the new red-lit dancer is caught, but this time not smashed.  Instead he is sucked inside the machine and fired upwards by a piston.

4:15 We follow upwards to find him atop the roof.  He stands looking around him.  Stretching to the horizon in all directions are thousands of identical factories.  The sky is smogged and orange-brown, lit from below by synthetic lights.  Lightning arcs and crackles in the distance as he does a slow, complete turn.  His pulsing red light begins to slow.  Fade out.

Act III: The Lisbon Maru / Birth

0:00 Darkness

0:20 Open on the creature sitting with legs tucked into chest, arms crossed over knees and chin on arms.  He stares at the factories.

1:06 He rises to his feet.  His light begins pulsing visibly once again.  Spreading his arms his heels rise until he is standing on the balls of his feet.  Then he is floating.  He rises into the air above the factory as his light continues to pulse, beating ever faster.  He tilts his head back and closes his eyes.

1:24 His light swells and bursts white.  The creature floats above the factory, a giant ball of pulsing white light.  He begins to rise slowly into the smogged clouds.  The camera follows belatedly as he floats upwards through the smog and towards the distant sky.

2:40 He reaches the top of the smog, and finding there a blank enclosing dome, he very slowly tips and turns in the same graceful swan dive he did from the overseer’s balcony.  Picking up speed he heads back towards the roof as the camera traces his path down into the pipe where he was spit out, and we follow him down.  In a spray of light he bursts out onto the factory floor.  He races through and around the machine and the workers, blazing rapidly down the line.  As he passes each there is a flash of light and the workers are immolated in great white bursts of flame.  He dances with speed and precision through and past the pistons, down the line until he comes to the wall.

4:00 Without slowing, he crashes through it, then through another and into a new factory.  He continues this way, going up and down the lines leaving a trail of burning white workers.

4:20 Cut to a factory, business as usual.  Workers on the line, pistons pumping.

4:36 Factory wall explodes and a white light burns past.  Camera remains static, watching the workers as they all flame white, look incredulously after the light, then down at their glowing bodies, then at each other.

4:45 Follow up close on the creature’s face.  Eyes squinted, mouth set with determination, he dances through the machine, over workers, through walls.  Pan back slightly and follow him down the line once more.

5:12 Smashes through another factory wall, faced suddenly with the giant outer wall.  As the music crescendos he crashes through.

5:15 A verdant forest beneath blue sky.  He dances among tree trunks and lush foliage, under a thick canopy of green leaves, unconsciously aping the flight of the phoenix before him.  Planing upwards he breaks through into clear blue sky for a moment, then back down into the woods.  He enters a waving meadow then back among the trees, then he comes upon a stream of glistening blue water.  He follows the stream as it winds through the forest until coming to an end on the perfect sands of an untouched beach.

6:22 Leaving the forest at the beach he climbs upwards over a sparkling ocean where he discovers a massive flight of white-lit translucent workers.  He joins them soaring over the ocean, over ice-capped mountains, over indigo deserts, over massive forests, over every landscape imaginable, until finally the camera stops to watch them cross a vast grassy plane.

7:55 As the white-lit flock disappears over the horizon, the camera pans down and as if by accident, notices the factory complex.  It drifts down and in through the smashed hole in the wall and enters a factory.  The overseer is on the line, furiously trying to work the machine while he yells at his milling, shell-shocked guards.  As he turns to yell over his shoulder, he is caught, sucked up and smashed.  Zoom in on his smashed body, follow the oozing green liquid as it puddles on the floor and then streams towards a drain.  The camera follows one of these drips as it disappears down into darkness.

Act IV:  Olympians / Life (Epilogue, Credits)

0:00 Darkness

1:15 Enter our white-lit creature, blazing through space.  On his face is the hint of a smile.  Pan out slightly as stars whiz behind him and he emits a massive white flame, trailing it behind him like a comet.  He dances back and forth as he flies.  Credits roll.

2:36 Enter a solar system.  A massive sun surrounded by rocky planets and great swirls of undifferentiated colored gas.  Our creature dances through and among them, splaying trails of dust and leaving formed gas giants in his wake.  Camera watches, alternately close enough to make out his features and static, rotating on an axis to watch him from a distance as a streaming ball of white light.

4:40 He dances among the rings, and barrel rolls playfully through the dust.  He pops back up and dips a hand, his three fingers spread wide, trailing in the residue, leaving a long splaying arc of golden dust in his wake.  Dancing through open space in the solar system, around and over rocky planets, through the colored gas.  In the background, countless winking stars.

7:00 He heads for the sun, flying close over the writhing ocean of flame, growing brighter with the heat.  He dances through the eruptions, ever near but never touched by leaping flame.  Dipping and weaving playfully as molten lava churns and writhes beneath him.

9:30 Leaves the sun and heads back out into space.  Makes one long last loop around the outer planets, then comes back towards the camera.  Camera stops to watch as he enters the atmosphere of one of the barren rocky planets.  He slowly fades from view as he nears the surface far below.  Once he disappears from sight there is a long moment of silence.  Then a burst of white light.

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